The Italian Excellencies Observatory has selected Oikos from the protagonists of the “100 Italian Excellencies” initiative, dedicated to companies that successfully represent Italian products.

The official ceremony will take place today in Rome, at the Sala della Regina in Palazzo Montecitorio, before the press and the authorities.

Following the many other significant awards it has received, such as the ADI Design Index, Premio Imprese per l’Innovazione Pininfarina (Pininfarina Award to Companies for Innovation) and the Grandesign Etico International Award, today Oikos will receives another important title, confirming its status as a company that represents Italian excellence.

In its 30 years of history, Oikos has taken up the challenge of the future, investing in technological development and scientific progress, and partnering these with a strong ability to combine tradition and innovation. It has created cutting-edge, environmentally sustainable products with solutions for all vertical, horizontal, three-dimensional surfaces. Its products are characterised by their striking aesthetics and minimum environmental impact, becoming the focal point of solutions for surfaces, inspiring ideas with colour and matter and anticipating new needs with innovative solutions designed to improve life. This is our challenge.

Oikos has always looked beyond its Italian borders. It has pioneered to open emerging markets, bringing knowledge, culture, history and Italian art to new cultures.

The decorative, technical and functional solutions developed by Oikos for the surfaces of all interior environments and exterior facades are a true example of Italian workmanship, where the personalisation of each project leads to tailor-made solutions, produced by craftsmen of the textured surface.

President Claudio Balestri tells us: “We have been producing colour and matter for sustainable architecture since 1984. Despite our roots in the chemical, paint and colour industry, we have never used harmful components. We recuperate and recycle all our waste and use it to create new products. It is possible to do well with a sustainable business while respecting the environment and employing more than 200 people, ensuring work even in these times of crisis. As in all things, you have to believe in this possibility and respect our future.”

The results achieved are the fruit of teamwork, and the President would like to dedicate this prestigious title to the wonderful Oikos team. A heartfelt thanks to all those who follow us, participate in our projects and work with us to achieve each new milestone.

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