Interior Paint

Drywall Paint By Oikos

DRYWALL PAINT BY OIKOS is a low environmental impact acrylic-vinyl paint for interior painting with a smooth matte finish, washable, with high opacity coverage, breathable, that provides a pleasant finish. Its formula made up of acrylic-vinyl resins in water dispersion, opaque pigments and fillers make the product particularly suitable for plasterboard, both old and new civil plaster surfaces, gypsum plasterboards, walls already painted even with strong colours.


ULTRASATEN is a low environmental impact, acrylic enamel for walls, that comes in a gloss, matt or satin finish. The product is self-expanding, scratch resistant and resistant to abrasion.

ULTRASATEN guarantees good coverage with low thickness, a high yield, great washability and excellent resistance to yellowing, to alkali (ammonia and sodium solutions) alcohol, chemical detergents and dirt retention. Easy to clean and wash, it is ideal for public premises such as schools, hospitals, offices etc. By mixing Ultrasaten with Biamax, it is possible to create plush decorative finishes with a grainy effect.


SUPERCOLOR is a highly washable, sanitizing, acrylic paint for interiors and exteriors, characterized by its high coverage, vapour permeability, water repellency and its smooth, matte finish. Formulated with acrylic resins in water dispersion, pigments, and fillers, it is indicated on cement plasters, either new or old, gypsum plasters, already painted walls (even with strong colours). It can also be applied in exterior. It has a low odour level, is non-inflammable and is friendly to both humans and the environment.

Novalis Ferromicaceo

NOVALIS FERROMICACEO is a special enamel created with acrylic resins and mica pigments that give the treated surface an aged, wrought iron finish. Ideal use on iron, wood, walls, zinc, PVC etc. in interiors and exteriors surfaces. The product has excellent dilation and does not run during application, characteristics that give it very good coverage even on irregular surfaces. The product has a low level of odour, is non – inflammable and is friendly to both humans and the environment.

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