Oikos Srl sole partner, Direzione Coordinamento Oikos Group s.r.l. authorizes Omni Decor to utilize the licensed trademarks in his own territory and in the way this authorization presents in section “territory” and “ Modality for the use of the licensed trademarks”, for advertising, promotion and identification of OIKOS and/or of the USER’s identity, but, only in a way that it is possible to understand clearly and unmistakably that OIKOS and the USER are two different and separate entities, and that the licensed trademarks appear only in the context of demonstrating the commercial relationship regarding the supply and sale of OIKOS products.

This authorization does not have the intention to transfer legal ownership or property of the licensed trademarks that are and will remain the exclusive property of OIKOS.

With regard to the Oikos Textures covered by industrial patent rights, it is strictly forbidden to allow people linked either directly or indirectly, to third-party companies in competition with Oikos, to photograph, film, copy or illustrate in any way such patented textures.

Unsolicited Suggestions: They Become Ours and We Have No Obligation to You

Omni Decor likes to hear from consumers and professionals about what they think about our products and we encourage you to contact us. However, we do not accept, evaluate or consider unsolicited ideas, materials, concepts, information, content or suggestions of any kind (“Unsolicited Suggestions”), including, but not limited to, those relating to products, processes, product names, advertising or marketing, nor do we have or accept any obligation, liability or responsibility if you send us any Unsolicited Suggestions of any kind. We have found that this policy and approach avoids potential misunderstanding and dispute, since your Unsolicited Suggestion may seem similar to products, services or activities we undertake or commission, even those previously considered or currently under consideration and whether we implement them or not.
As a result, we have adopted a policy whereby we do not agree to accept, on any terms or under any conditions, Unsolicited Suggestions. Please do not submit, post or send us any Unsolicited Suggestions, because if you do or you attempt to do so (whether you ignore these warnings, or do not read or attempt to understand them), you are agreeing that we can treat the Unsolicited Suggestion as our own, without any obligation of confidentiality, without any restrictions or conditions, and without obligation or liability to you or anyone else. We will be free to use or choose not to use all or any part of any Unsolicited Suggestions you submit for any purpose, anytime and anywhere in the world, and we will also have the right to modify, re-purpose, do anything, or refrain from doing anything with respect to such Unsolicited Suggestions, free and clear of any requirements or restrictions of any kind. You should also understand that we will have no obligation to compensate, reward, account to you, notify you or even acknowledge any matters that relate to an Unsolicited Suggestion you submit.

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