Biocompact Elastic

BIOCOMPACT ELASTIC by OIKOS is a continuous elastic coating with a compact, troweled finish, formulated in three-grain sizes of 1, 1,2 and 1,5 mm, respectively called BIOCOMPACT ELASTIC 10, BIOCOMPACT ELASTIC 12 and BIOCOMPACT ELASTIC 15. The product is composed of special acrylic elastomeric silanized resins with siloxanic modification in water dispersion that give the product an exceptional resistance to atmospheric agents, to acid pollutants, to U.V. rays, and to frost-thaw cycles.

Biocompact PC229

Biocompact PC229 doesn’t require a primer, it can be applied directly on the wall and has a finer grain of 0.5mm
Biocompact PC229 can also be used in interiors especially in washroom ceilings and other wet areas to protect and avoid mold and algae formation.


NEOQUARZ is a special washable, acrylic, quartz paint for exteriors. The product’s formulation combines the resistance properties of quartz with the special qualities of acrylic resins such as mechanic resistance to frost-thaw cycle, U.V. rays and acids resistance, outstanding vapour permeability, durable elasticity, weatherability and excellent coverage.

NEOQUARZ provides a matte smooth finish and is available in a wide colour range. It is recommended for the protection and decoration of prestige buildings, even when located in weather¬beaten environments. It has a low odour level, is non-inflammable and environmentally friendly.

Novalis Ferromicaceo

NOVALIS FERROMICACEO is a special enamel created with acrylic resins and mica pigments that give the treated surface an aged, wrought iron finish. The particular tile structure of these mica pigments, creates a barrier against atmospheric agents and U.V. rays thus avoiding the deterioration of the substrate. It is highly recommended in environments with aggressive climates and it is ideal for the protection of gates, railings and urban fittings. The product has excellent dilation and does not run during application, characteristics that give it very good coverage even on irregular surfaces. The product has a low level of odour, is non – inflammable and is friendly to both humans and the environment.

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